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At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we believe in ‘teaching people to fish’ rather than fishing for them – working in partnership with our clients to build their capability to deliver sustainable and scalable improvements over time.  We work top down and across organisation silos to align board strategies with front line delivery.

We provide consulting, coaching and leadership development to align, deliver improve individual and organisation capability.

At Changepace Consulting Ltd we partner with our clients in an initial diagnosis phase to identify where gaps exist in each of the foundation practices. We then work closely with our client team to design and build a tailor-made leadership and team capability development programme to address these gaps and establish new practices that can then sustain and improve over time.  The seven practices are briefly described below:

Slide ALIGNING Deploying Strategy Deploying
Joint Planning Joint
DELIVERING Managing Visually Managing
Problem Solving Problem
Meeting effectively Meeting
IMPROVING Change Agility Change
Performance Coaching Performance

Deploying Strategy

Deploying Strategy
Effective strategy execution demands that an organisation has clear answers to 4 questions:

  1. Where are we going? The 3-5 year goals of the organisation
  2. How will we get there? The strategies that will deliver our goals
  3. What is the plan? The transformation and change projects required to deliver the strategies
  4. Are we winning or losing? The visual management system that enables leaders to monitor delivery of plans and take corrective actions

At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we help clients improve how existing goals and strategies are articulated, review and improve the KPIs of delivery, build joint planning capability and ensure that the discipline of an effective management system is in place to maximise the chance of success.

Joint Planning

Joint Planning
Joint planning is the practice that creates implementation plans that are built and owned by the whole team, establishing the foundation for ongoing project management.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we deliver highly interactive and engaging team workshops for all key stakeholders in delivery that produce visual joint plans, milestones, dependencies and key risks with mitigation strategies.

Managing Visually

Managing Visually
Visual management is the management process which informs the organisation whether business performance is on track to deliver its goals and strategies, and highlights where improvements must be delivered.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we review the effectiveness of current visual management practices (at different levels of management accountability) and ensure that systems and metrics are aligned and connected.  This enables an organisation to know if it is winning or losing and institutes the ability to problem solve and escalate issues for resolution when plans go off track.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving
Problem solving is the process of applying critical thinking to define a problem, agree the desired state, identify the root causes of the problem and create effective solutions that address the root causes.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we teach the discipline and simple practice of good problem solving to create it as a habit in an organisation.  Using proven root causing methods such as ‘5 Whys’, ‘Fishbone analysis’ and ‘Iceberg analysis’ we help clients identify and solve the root causes of problems so the same problems don’t occur again.

Meeting Effectively

Meeting effectively
Effective meetings are at the heart of the ‘factory’ of white collar work and yet most organisations complain of unnecessary waste (in time, energy and engagement) resulting from ineffective and inefficient meeting practices.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we teach tried and tested methods that help managers reverse this tendency equipping them with skills to design and prepare better for meetings, manage the dynamics within a meeting, ensure effective follow up and continuously improve how meetings are run.

Change Agility

Change Agility
Approach to change helps leaders understand the principles of change at pace, the core underpinning leadership beliefs for differing change approaches and builds awareness of change as process with an emphasis on the human impact of change.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we teach and coach simple models to help leaders and teams make more conscious decisions about the change approach that will be most effective for the change at hand.  We develop understanding and skills in how to deliver change that is more engaging and that yields higher commitment.  Studies repeatedly confirm that over 70% of organisational change efforts fail to deliver the benefit they promise and the primary root causes are ‘people factors’.  ChangePace Consulting Ltd brings contemporary thinking to this challenge – seeking to help our clients ‘change how they change’.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching
Coaching is a key management skill in helping people during periods of uncertainty or change and as every business continuously evolves, teams are faced with the need to learn new ways of working, change ways of thinking or develop new skills. Coaching and feedback are essential skills for managers, creating an environment where teams can take accountability and solve their own problems.
At ChangePace Consulting Ltd we provide bespoke ‘practical coaching’ workshops to develop these skills with our clients.  We also provide coaching and mentoring in all our foundation practices as a key ingredient to convert learning into new daily habits.

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